Recycling Tips

June Brown and the Waste Reduction Awards Program (WRAP)

June Brown from OHL USA helped the company receive the highest recognition for recycling in California at the WRAP 2011 awards. June Brown took OHL and its five facilities in Southern California to a new high by earning this award for their efforts at keeping recyclable material out of the landfills. June partnered with California Recyclers in her Waste Reduction Efforts to exceed OHL’s goals in 2011. OHL Distribution in Ontario, Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, and Riverside went from 200 tons to 800 tons of recycled materials a year.
Note: OHL was acquired by GEODIS in 2015.

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Help for Businesses

If you have four cubic yards or more of waste, we can help you. Our services include providing recycling certificates for monthly recycling volume and destruction of unwanted or outdated products. We provide free assessments, consultations, and free service. Small and large generators can find recycling solutions for:

Metal • Mixed Plastic • Pallets • Paper • Plastic • Plastic Wrap • Recyclable Cardboard • Stretch Wrap • Styrofoam

Plastic Recycling Tips & Facts

Clear plastic usually carries more value than colored plastic
Customers with over 200 lbs. Per month of clear film plastic are ideal for our plastic route!
Customers generating 20,000 lbs. + of plastic are great candidates for baling or compacting
Segregating plastic by type usually improve the recyclability and revenue of your materials
Worldwide plastic production now exceeds 80 million tons per year
Plastic is made from natural resources, such as crude oil, natural gas, and coal
Plastic is not biodegradable and will stay in the environment for hundreds of years
Plastic fills up landfills and impacts climate change
Plastic kills about one million seabirds, 100,000 sea mammals, and countless sea fish yearly, with many getting tangled in plastic six-pack rings, plastic strapping, and nylon ropes

Cardboard Recycling Tips & Facts

Increase your load weights & revenue by having your team break down boxes
We offer enclosed bins to keep material clean, dry and to comply with city regulations where needed
Baling or compacting cardboard greatly increases load weights and reduces freight costs
Customers generating 20,000 lbs. + of cardboard are great candidates for baling or compacting
Recycling cardboard only takes 75% of the energy needed to make new cardboard
Recycling 1 ton of cardboard saves 46 gallons of oil
Over 90% of all products shipped in the US are shipped in corrugated boxes

If you’re ready to help your business save money, look no further than California Recyclers. Backed by more than 40 years of experience, we will customize a program that’s right for your business. For more information about the services we offer, please contact us today at 909-434-0800. We promise maximum results and compliance!